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Finding An Attorney

Published on August 17, 2017

Many people struggle with finding an attorney for their legal matter as they don’t know where to begin.  Understanding the terms, court systems, and laws can be overwhelming and a bit confusing so we wanted to help make your hunt for a trusted attorney a little bit easier. It is important that you feel secure with the attorney you choose to represent you, so we have gathered some questions and answers for you to know when finding an attorney.

Is the attorney with the lowest hourly rate less expensive?
If the attorney does not have expertise with your legal matter, or is inefficient, a lower hourly rate will not always be less expensive. Usually, attorneys with more experience and a higher hourly rate are generally more affordable than those with lower rate. Also, some law firms have their associates process legal work. In this case, many associates require a minimum number of hours and can bill you to meet their assigned billing quota.

Should I find an attorney near my location?
If the attorney is willing to travel to you, you can be open to someone that is not local.  Usually, most clients aren’t required to meet with their attorney once they have hired them, so finding someone close is not a requirement. 

Should I look for the most inexpensive attorney I can find?
As important as it is to stay within your budget, hiring the most inexpensive attorney does not always pan out in your best interest. You should hire the attorney with the best research resources available, rather than going solely for the lowest prices. Ask your attorney about their library resources, and if they charge separate for online research. If the skills, experience, and support tools are available, that is the attorney that will provide you with the best service.

At Baradat &Paboojian we have experienced attorneys with proven results. We practice exclusively in the field of Plaintiff's Trial Litigation; in all courts, handling catastrophic injury, products liability, wrongful death, medical malpractice, professional negligence and wrongful termination/ employment discrimination. Give us a call on our toll free number if you have any questions, 1(866)952-3509.
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Finding An Attorney

Many people struggle with finding an attorney for their legal matter as they don’t know where to begin. Understanding the terms, court systems, and laws can be overwhelming and a bit confusing so we wanted to help ...

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